The BSA is a policy and research organisation. We bring together all those who are interested in delivering efficient, flexible and cost-effective service and infrastructure projects across the private and public sectors.

We provide a forum for service providers to come together to discuss issues of common interest.Our purpose is to understand how services across the private and public sectors can be improved, and to develop policy positions to support that work.

Public Affairs

We work to shape public policy and political debate in those areas that directly affect the industry. We also promote the positive benefits of the industry in the national and trade media.


We conduct primary research and analysis and publish our findings to provide evidence of the positive benefits of service provision and to help inform good policy decisions.


We publish research findings, polling data, policy papers and case studies to help build awareness and understanding of the industry among government officials, MPs, opinion formers and other stakeholders.


We organise policy seminars, an annual lecture and a number of networking and social events throughout the year.