The BSA works to promote the role of markets in raising standards in the delivery of services in both the private and public sectors.

We seek to show where markets could be established or improved to benefit service users. The UK government spends £220 billion a year on buying goods and services from the independent sector. As the industry body representing many of the companies which supply services to the public sector, recommending reforms is central to our work.

A sign of a healthy market is one with lots of providers of differing sizes. BSA members partner with SMEs and help build networks of local providers and charities.


The BSA champions diversity and values as a cornerstone of successful service delivery

BSA members seek to be good employers, providing good services which help to meet their clients’ objectives. When mistakes are made, as happens with all human activity, they are committed to putting things right promptly.



Devolution has the potential to unlock local and regional economic development and stimulate innovation in the delivery of public services including through greater service integration – cutting down on wasteful service duplication and enabling a greater focus on user need.

These goals will only be achieved through a progressive, outward-looking and forward-looking approach to engagement with local communities and the full range of stakeholders, including those from the private and voluntary sectors who have the relevant expertise and experience.