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Leading Net-Zero with TSB

A leading bank, TSB’s Net-Zero programme has been accelerated thanks to its partnership with ISS, who established the baseline for TSB’s Scope 1 and 2 (direct) GHG emissions and defined their Net-Zero strategy to 2030 whilst delivering financial savings for the customer.

Following TSB’s announcement and launch, a dedicated ISS Sustainability Manager was introduced to help TSB deliver this ambitious target.

A true partnership

ISS and TSB have enjoyed a successful partnership since November 2018. ISS deliver FM services across TSB’s eight corporate sites and 200+ branches. A key part of the service is to provide energy procurement and bill validation for the portfolio, saving TSB over £554,000 in the first two years. ISS also identified a need for future compliant carbon reporting to enable the full Net-Zero strategy.

To ensure the strategy is well defined and understood throughout the organisation, the strategy is shaped around three phases:

1. Deliver carbon compliance and data surety – streamlined reporting and completing audits

2.  Establishing a strategy and a flagship commitment – benchmarking, data quality and planning

3. Delivering the commitment – governance, decarbonisation solutions, communication and engagement


The ISS Net-Zero Pathway

One key focus area was benchmarking; ISS reviewed the whole marketplace and targets within TSB’s peer group. This exercise highlighted that TSB should commit to Science Based Targets, ongoing renewable energy procurement, and to electrification of their fleet, to place the highest commitment level in these areas.

ISS outlined a robust Net-Zero by 2030 carbon reduction strategy for TSB’s direct emissions which was presented to the TSB leaders, agreed and then communicated more widely with external audiences through engagement programmes.

Once the strategy was approved, ISS appointed a dedicated Senior Sustainability Manager to support the strategy delivery.

In July 2020, TSB announced their first responsible business strategy – the ‘Do What Matters Plan’. It includes an ambition to reduce TSB’s environmental impact while helping stakeholders to do the same.

To support the employee journey, the ‘TSB Green Team’ was launched on Earth Day 2021 with c.220 employees signed up in the first week.

ISS is also a key organisation in TSB’s Supplier Engagement Programme and supports the bank’s Scope 3 (indirect) baseline calculations and reduction.

A review of scope 3 (indirect) GHG emissions was completed calculating business travel, waste generation, paper consumption and water use.


Suresh Viswanathan, Chief Operating Officer, said:

There’s a great team behind the scenes, doing all the hard work on baselining, reporting and defining our approach to how we reach our targets.”


The Future – the Carbon Journey to 2030

Looking ahead, ISS is in discussions to provide our user-friendly digital sustainability reporting platform which can automate many manual processes within the bank’s data management.

In addition to supporting with the identification and delivery of other activities that will deliver carbon reductions for TSB, such as low carbon technology, asset replacements and building optimisation. ISS will continue to support TSB’s carbon journey towards 2030, delivering a full end-to-end FM sustainability service.