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3SC, a social enterprise company and part of Twin Group, is recognised as a market leader in Neuro Diverse Strategy Coaching (NDSC), which is playing an increasingly prominent role.  Having started delivery of the coaching in Wales in 2018, it and its partners are successfully working with employers and probation services to roll it out across the UK. 


NDSC and Employment


In an employment market with a record number of vacancies, and employers being keen to hold on current staff, NDSC can play a vital role – helping keep people in jobs.

3SC’s team of 25 NDSC coaches devises and implements strategies to help individuals with ADHD, ASD, OCD, dyslexia and Tourette’s to perform better in the workplace. These strategies include:


1. Having a clear approach which starts with asking the client ‘where do you want to be?’. A coaching plan sets out SMART goals for the client and progress made after previous sessions.

2. Not trying ‘to fix’ people; on the contrary coaches draw out clients’ personal strengths for the benefit of the employer’s business.

3. Often starting courses by first helping the client address issues at home.

4. Coaching sessions either meeting at work or on Zoom/Teams, with the client frequently benefiting from talking in a quieter environment.

5. A common desire to be innovative, sharing best practice between coaches.

6. A close working relationship with the employer. The coaching team will encourage a manager to be closely involved in the implementation of the strategy for the client and co-coaching is not unusual.


3SC’s work in Neuro Diverse Strategy Coaching meets the needs of those hardest to reach in society and it demonstrates how transformative the coaching can be for the clients, resulting in many of them staying in employment. The coaching secures improvements in employability skills such as timeliness, team working and task management. Employees dropping out of work is prevented and clients’ families benefit from support which leads to improvements in health, wellbeing, sleeping and eating.

Government departments, agencies and mayoral combined authorities are increasingly commissioning NDCS programmes because of their effectiveness.


NDSC and Rehabilitation


Meanwhile, neurodiverse coaching also helps to support behaviour change and the emotional wellbeing of offenders as part of their rehabilitation.

3SC has expanded its delivery of programmes of coaching to people on probation who identify as neurodiverse by winning contracts with all four Probation Delivery Units (PDUs) in Wales.

This form of neurodiversity coaching builds on the pilot Autism programme that 3SC has been running for the past year in Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot. For the first time, the coaching will be available across Wales, with contracts covering Dyfed Powys, Gwent, North Wales and South Wales.

Also new for the Probation Service in Wales is that the coaching will be offered to individuals with any form of neurodiversity, not just autism.

Based on very successful programmes in the West Midlands and Thames Valley, 3SC’s unique approach to coaching includes a bespoke service for specific needs and 1-2-1 sessions. The aim is to help people living with a neurodiverse condition understand their own thoughts, emotions and behaviours and to help them identify coping strategies and mechanisms to help them to manage their condition day to day. Helping to understand and recognise triggers linked to their condition is essential to maintaining their wellbeing and improving their social interactions.

3SC will be working in Wales with a range of partner organisations, all of whom are accomplished providers of neurodiversity coaching with a comprehensive background of lived or professional experience. The team will include individual coaches who have brought innovative approaches to the justice and employability sectors.

Among the partners will be micro-businesses and charities, demonstrating 3SC’s firm commitment to public sector procurement being an opportunity to open up the delivery of government services.

3SC wants to help participants access other support services and maintain engagement with existing agencies as part of their rehabilitation so they have the full wrap-around support of specialist interventions. In Wales, this involves assistance from housing providers, substance misuse organisations and support for mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Kathryn Jellings, Director of Business Development at 3SC, said:

“3SC is very pleased to be part of exciting new initiatives to support positive change for those at risk of offending in Wales. The Welsh Government and HM Prison and Probation Service in Wales have recognised from the needs profile of the local offender population that thinking and behaviour, relationships and emotional wellbeing present high needs across the nation’s four areas and we believe that the introduction of neurodiversity coaching will make the available support even more effective.

“Our innovative approach has been fully tested and proven to work. Together with our partner organisations and HMPPS’s PDUs in Wales, we look forward to achieving results that will support more participants to fully rehabilitate and lead fulfilling and productive lives.”


More information about 3SC and its programmes is available here: 3SC – Partnerships with Purpose.

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