CASE STUDY: Bouygues E&S

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Two recent case studies highlight the work of Bouygues E&S proactively to support and strengthen SMEs across its supply chain.

Bouygues E&S proudly offers continuous support to its supply chain to help them meet their goals and provide new opportunities.


Integrated Pest Management Ltd

Bouygues E&S has partnered with Integrated Pest Management Ltd (IPM Ltd), an SME that tackles all types of pest problems through a number products and services, for 16 years.

Throughout this partnership, Bouygues E&S has worked hard to foster trust, collaborate effectively and align objectives.

Gareth Turner, Managing Director at IPM Ltd, shared his experience of partnering with Bouygues E&S.


Key Strengths

“We undertake work for several national FM providers and the Bouygues E&S payment terms are the fairest of all. This is very important for a small business like us, as well as the ability to work with individuals who are passionate about the service they deliver and achieving the end client’s goals.

“They have also challenged us and involved us in projects such as the Supply Chain School and the Avetta accreditation, helping improve our service.”


Enhancing Company Experience

“We were responsible for successfully installing one of the largest roof pigeonnets in London for a Bouygues E&S client.

“Projects like this further enhance our company experience and resilience. Overall it has meant we have been able to successfully deliver on the client’s expectations and needs.  Additionally, we have been awarded bids because of our Avetta accreditation.”


Driving Innovation

“Bouygues E&S continually challenge us on innovation through on-site meetings and tender bids.  We love this approach as it improves us and helps us deliver an exceptional service. This enables us to meet client expectations through open dialogue, leading to successful long-term partnerships.”


Early Engagement

“I have found Bouygues E&S are very responsive and engaging when tackling a pest problem. In our profession this is paramount at an early stage to avoid loss of products, damage or reputation.”


Overcoming Challenges

“There are very few challenges when working with Bouygues E&S. If we ever encounter a problem, they are always resolved when escalated to key members of the management team.”


An Excellent Supply Chain Partner

“I would highly recommend working with Bouygues E&S. They engage with their supply chain, the payment terms are very favourable, and they work collaboratively to achieve and manage expectations, resulting in a successful partnership for all”.


Hygiene Systems Ltd

Bouygues E&S’s 18-year partnership with Hygiene Systems Ltd (HSL), an SME supplying cleaning, janitorial, PPE and catering supplies, has been built on trust, clear communication and mutual support.

Having the support from HSL during the pandemic helped Bouygues E&S and its clients’ sites to stay open safely, which was crucial. Similarly, Bouygues E&S has been able to provide HSL with new opportunities, support its sustainability goals and help it develop into one of the largest independent janitorial suppliers.

Nick Cook, Sales Director at HSL, shared his experience of partnering with Bouygues E&S.


Key Strengths

“Bouygues E&S allows us the opportunity with each site to become involved with new innovations, as well as product improvement and cost saving ideas. They encourage us to use our expertise and make our own suggestions for the sites. As an example, we suggested to one of Bouygues’ university contracts a new product system which generated a 15 per cent saving on one product alone.

“Clear and positive communication, mutual trust and understanding of each other’s goals are other key strengths in our partnership with Bouygues E&S”.


Mutual Trust

“All staff at both HSL and Bouygues E&S work together effectively to meet each other’s requirements. As a long-term partner, we understand Bouygues E&S’ processes and systems so that they have the confidence that we are going to get it right.”


Supporting Sustainability Goals

“Bouygues E&S has organised sustainability supply chain school workshops, among other initiatives, which have been useful resources for our business. These workshops have helped us articulate our sustainability initiatives and educate our customers, which is something we are passionate about.”


Fair Payment Terms

“Bouygues E&S offer fair and prompt payments, better than other providers we have worked with within the FM industry.”


Effective Collaboration

“An example of effective collaboration was the single-use plastic project implemented by Bouygues E&S. This was a superb initiative that generated a sense of purpose and brought the teams together

as everyone wanted to be involved and play their part in reducing plastic used and waste generated.”


Overcoming Challenges

“The pandemic caused our business to increase in March. This was fantastic but also a huge challenge logistically. By working with Bouygues E&S during this period, we were able to control any additional panic buying and to keep all of their key sites fully operational as we understand the services that they provide to their clients.”


A Successful Partnership

“Bouygues E&S are a great company. They are a pleasure to work with and understanding. We have a two-way relationship with regular contact and openness with each other, which is essential when overcoming any challenges.

“We would absolutely recommend Bouygues E&S. Over the last 18 years, they have helped us develop into one of the largest independent janitorial suppliers. We have worked effectively with each

other, sharing our strengths. I feel that we have equally helped Bouygues retain, develop and exceed customers’ expectations. In the FM market, Bouygues E&S have got a high level of service they

are committed to, and I hope that our expertise has helped them reach those goals.”