BSA submits response to disability employment consultation

The BSA has published its submission to the government’s green paper consultation on disability, work and health. The BSA welcomes the government’s ambition to halve the disability employment gap and we have outlined what could be effective measures aimed at achieving this.

To read the full submission, please click here.

How does a service organisation improve the quality of life for consumers

Blog by Phil Hooper, Corporate Affairs Director, Sodexo UK & Ireland

At Sodexo we strive to make sure that facilities management (FM) is not treated as a commodity. We put the focus on adding value to client organisations through service excellence, and to do this we look at the human dimension of what we do.

Central to our business is focussing on how the services we provide impact on people’s experience to improve outcomes such as patients’ wellbeing and recovery; reducing reoffending by prisoners; improving productivity in the workplace or helping young people fulfil their potential. Instead of viewing our business as many FM companies do – as a business to business provider – we view it as business to consumer, and if you include the client dimension in this then our business is business to consumer for business.

At Sodexo we do not just talk about improving quality of life, we have done much more. For example, in 2009, Sodexo set out to create a resource to deepen its understanding of quality of life. The resulting think tank, the Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life, is founded on Sodexo’s conviction that improving quality of life leads to the progress of individuals and contributes to the performance of organisations.

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