Maximus is developing relationships with local employers and helping people into work across the country, challenging preconceptions about what careers in key sectors might entail in the process.


In Scotland and the Midlands, Maximus is running insight sessions for programme participants to challenge their expectations of roles working for leading UK recruiters, including the NHS, and in occupations with high volumes of vacancies, such as the care sector and construction.

In Wales, it has been developing new ways of influencing the recruitment processes used by employers, making them more accessible by utilising the expertise of its Community Partnership Network (CPN) members. For example, in South Wales, Maximus responded to an increase in customer service roles by working with their CPN partner, Passport to Employment, to deliver training that leads to a guaranteed interview with a major local employer.

Meanwhile Maximus’s partnership with multinational restaurant chain Tim Hortons in Scotland has seen significant numbers of Fair Start Scotland participants supported into sustainable employment, many of whom face significant barriers.

The approach recognises that not all barriers to finding work are linked to skills. Maximus has started working strategically with local authorities to overcome transport difficulties for customers in remote areas and facilitate job starts with employers, for instance through supporting the introduction of shuttlebus services.

Underpinning this work is an increasingly sophisticated approach to Labour Market Intelligence (LMI). In order to support participants more effectively in their journey back into work, a LMI project has been established to better understand current recruitment trends.

To achieve this, analysis has taken place of how local teams across the business are using existing LMI data with the aim of making this more user-friendly for advisors on the ground. This will facilitate more meaningful return-to-work conversations with participants and help to match job goals to current labour market conditions.

To build on existing expertise, Maximus recently introduced the digital platform, Jobsfeed, which provides live, searchable vacancies from the UK job market for its colleagues, enabling them to match effectively participants against live roles. The platform is also equipped with insights on which sectors are recruiting most intensively, along with key skills requirements and geographical insights.


Case Study:  Maximus delivery of the Restart Scheme


Since its launch in July 2021, the Restart Scheme has been supporting thousands of people to find meaningful employment. In South and East London, Maximus helped more than 7,000 people to find work in the scheme’s first year.

Rajay Smith, 36, was unemployed for over 18 months before he was referred to the Restart Scheme in Enfield.  In April 2022 he first met his dedicated Employment Advisor, Erik Reis.  Speaking of their initial meeting, Erik said: “When I first met Rajay, he was like a breath of fresh air. He was determined to get back into work, and from our very first meeting his positivity and motivation was evident”.

Once his CV was up-to-date, Erik introduced Rajay to Recruitment Agent, Amy Castle, who had already developed a close relationship with local gardening company, GP Garden Services.

Amy explained how this relationship helped her secure Rajay an interview: “GP Garden Services were one of my first clients and they were looking to hire local people within the community in Enfield. We’ve held several successful recruitment days with them to source participants for their roles.

“When I saw Rajay, I knew he would be a great fit for GP Garden Services so I contacted the manager, who arranged an interview and trial shift for the same day.”

After a successful trial, Rajay joined the team immediately.


Further information can be found here:  Addressing local employment challenges through Labour Market Insights – Maximus UK