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Client: Stafford Borough Council



Atkins developed an energy and utilities strategy for the development of a proposed new garden settlement at Meecebrook, Staffordshire.


Client Requirements

The development targeted Net Zero Carbon and included:

– 10,000 homes

– 200 hectares of new employment land

– 300 hectares of green space including parks

– New West Coast Mainline station

– New schools and health centres

The strategy included a large emphasis on utility capacity planning due to the size and complexity of the new settlement. The considerations for an increased electricity, gas and water supply to the area were summarised and evaluated.


Atkins solutions and added value

We undertook a whole system approach to ensure the Stafford Borough Council targets for Net Zero Carbon are achievable. This involved setting energy targets for new build typologies, developing low carbon heating infrastructure and storage solutions.

Electric vehicle charging rates and the subsequent impact on the future of the development’s energy demand was assessed. This, along with renewable energy alternatives, was highlighted as a key component in delivering a Net Zero Carbon development.

The feasibility and benefit of the following renewable and low carbon systems were considered:

– Solar PV

– Wind turbines

– Biogas production

– Combined heat and power (CHP) generation

– Heat pump systems

– Energy Storage

– Waste heat recovery

In addition, options to reduce the embodied carbon emissions were also considered for the development.


Services provided

We carried out utility capacity planning and energy master planning that would provide the most beneficial outcome for the energy and utilities strategy for the development.

A renewable feasibility study was carried out to aid in achieving sustainability goals and reach the target of Net Zero by 2050.


Organisations Involved


Stafford Borough Council