CASE STUDY: Bouygues E&S

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Case Study: Bouygues E&S and Gaia Llanwern Solar Farm

The Project

Bouygues Energies & Services has partnered with Gaia in order to reduce the CO2 footprint across our operations where we deploy temporary compounds. Gaia’s product ‘AutoMate’ leverages AI and motion sensor software to identify, monitor and reduce the power consumption of construction sites. It is highly effective in providing rapid and noteworthy reductions to energy costs and carbon footprint.

Using AutoMate will help us meet our ambitious carbon-reduction targets by maximising site efficiency and lowering emissions.

AutoMate has a proven track record of success at Bouygues Construction sites in the UK and has redefined the carbon profile of our Llanwern Solar PV site.

The Solution 

Reduces the prelim project costs by rationalising energy usage on construction compounds

Improves the sustainability of construction operations by reducing fossil fuel reliance

Improves the working environment in construction compounds (emissions, noise, etc.)

Improves the outward appearance of construction

Delivers a unique client experience and sets us apart from the competition

How it Works

Reduces the total energy consumption on site by using smart technology and automation to achieve better energy efficiency

Covers the remaining energy consumption with renewable energy sources, where possible

Implements behavioural changes to increase awareness for energy saving/efficiency and renewable energies

A Success Story

In June 2020, work began constructing Llanwern Solar Farm which, at 75MW, is the largest of its kind in the UK and highlights the UK’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The solar farm consists of over 187,500 solar modules spanning 300 acres.

A member of the team at Llanwern Solar Farm suggested trialling AutoMate to see how much it could help reduce carbon and increase our energy efficiency on site. It was then installed on site and has since been rolled out on a number of our other sites to be trialled.

Next Steps

Following successful trials of AutoMate at several Bouygues E&S energy schemes in the last nine months, Bouygues Construction in the United Kingdom is undergoing more trials at both off-grid and on-grid sites across our entities.

The Results So Far

Significant carbon emissions avoided totalling 125,617kg and sizeable diesel fuel saving of almost 50,000 litres
Significant energy usage reduction of 114,586 KWh
Impressive financial savings of £28,400