Policy Reports

Letter to the BSA from John Manzoni, the Chief Executive of the Civil Service

Business Services and Place-Based Inclusive Growth

This note summarises the contribution providers of business services make to inclusive growth. It also highlights the central importance of the commissioning process, in particular in the context of devolution to combined authorities and other bodies.

Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships: working with the business services sector

The BSA has published a new report ‘Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships: working with the business services sector’ outlining how the sector can contribute towards the success of STPs across four areas – a digital health service, transforming the estate, corporate services and sustaining the workforce.

Contract Catering: Quality, professionalism & adaptability

The BSA has published ‘Contract Catering: Quality, professionalism & adaptability’, showcasing the importance of contract catering services to the UK economy, to clients and to consumers. It includes case studies from BSA members.

BSA Annual Review 2017

The BSA has published its 2017 Annual Review: Connecting People and Places.  This year’s Annual Review reflects on the dynamic and varied contribution of the business services sector across the UK. It features a series of case studies from BSA members highlighting their work across the country.

‘Just Another Paperclip?’ report by Professor Gary L. Sturgess

The BSA has published the ‘Just Another Paperclip?’ report by Professor Gary L. Sturgess on the market for complex public services.

The use of business services by UK industries and impact on economic performance

BSA Annual Review 2016 – Business Services: A Global Success

The BSA has published the 2016 Annual Review, looking at the support and services the business services sector provides across the globe. The Review includes case studies from a wide range of BSA members, demonstrating examples of best practice and examples of their work both domestically and internationally. Additionally, it highlights the significant contribution the business services sector makes with regards to transport infrastructure, communications, ICT services, UK exports and service transformation.

UK Business Services Industry: Survey ‘State of the Union’ 2016

In partnership with EY, this survey covers sector perspectives on performance, sentiment and outlook.

Driving the data revolution in public service delivery

Supply chains: Building ecosystems for local growth

The UK market for business services: The national, regional and constituency picture in 2013