The BSA works to promote the role of markets in raising standards in the delivery of services in both the private and public sectors.

We seek to show where markets could be established or improved to benefit service users. The UK government spends £220 billion a year on buying goods and services from the independent sector. As the industry body representing many of the companies which supply services to the public sector, recommending reforms is central to our work.

A sign of a healthy market is one with lots of providers of differing sizes. BSA members partner with SMEs and help build networks of local providers and charities.

As major providers of business services across both the public and private sectors, BSA member supply chains include over 250,000 SMEs spanning the length and breadth of the UK. Through working with supply chain partners in an inclusive and collaborative way, business service providers can help stimulate local growth and provide social value.

The BSA published a paper in May 2016 examining the role of supply chains in contributing to local growth. Among the recommendations were for Local Enterprise Partnership led networks bringing together large and small companies, and for the Government to ensure contracts account for the size and experience of a company. The BSA will continue to look at ways in which thriving supply chains involving large and SME providers can help create healthy and competitive markets.