BSA/Polar Insight procurement survey published

In Summer 2020, the BSA and Polar Insight partnered on a survey of members to understand the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the sector and to explore key factors relating to procurement across the private and public sectors.

Download the survey report here:

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Case Study: Sodexo partnership with University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust

The relationship between Sodexo and the University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM) began in 2007, when the former was appointed as the PFI FM provider to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust. This later merged with the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust to form UHNM in 2014.


The partnership has since received an NHS Sustainability Award in 2017 as well as external recognition, winning ‘Partners in Healthcare’ at the PFM Awards in 2017 and both ‘Supplier of the Year’ and ‘Partnership of the Year’ at the HSJ Awards in 2018.


This case study demonstrates the benefits of investing in partnership working and the positive outcomes it can have for all parties involved.


Read the full case study here.



This series of case studies is designed to highlight the positive contributions made by the business services sector 
across a range of industries.

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AI and Digital Public Services

Often debated in terms of the ‘rise of the robots’ or ‘march of the machines’, the public discussion around artificial intelligence (AI) has largely focused on the impact it may have on the workforce. Less attention has been paid to the possibilities for transforming public services.

Appropriately delivered, AI has the potential to revolutionise how public services are delivered and, in turn, how citizens interact with government.

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